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FAQ About Buying Property For Turkish Citizenship


FAQ About Buying Property For Turkish Citizenship


1- Is it possible the sold property before 3 years?

Action shall be taken according to the response to be received from the Provincial Directorate of Census and Citizenship.

2- Can I apply through a proxy for property acquisition to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship? 

It is possible if clearly stated on the power of attorney.

3- Can I purchase multiple properties to apply for Turkish citizenship?


4- Can I apply for exceptional Turkish citizenship if I buy some shares of a property? 

Yes, as long as the value of the acquired share is minimum USD 250,000.

5- Can I apply for citizenship even if the acquired property is mortgaged or seized? 

The property can be sold with any existing mortgage or seizure.

6- Can I apply for citizenship if I buy the property with a mortgage loan?

In that case, the net down payment of the loan amount shall be considered. The down payment should be minimum USD 250,000 also for legally mortgaged sales.

7- How to appraise value for properties required for citizenship at land registry?

The sum of receipts evidencing payments must have a value equal to USD 250,000 according to the USD selling exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkey on the date prior to the date of deposit. The amounts listed in the appraisal report and the official bill may not be less than the sum of values in the receipt.

8- The exchange rate of which date shall be considered for bank receipts evidencing payments?

In the event that the receipt is paid in Turkish Lira, the selling exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkey on the date prior to the date of payment shall be considered to calculate USD equivalent of the receipt amount.

9- How to appraise value if multiple receipts with different dates are presented (paid in Turkish Lira)?

The sum of values calculated on the basis of the effective selling exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkey on the work day prior to the date when each receipt is issued must be USD 250,000

10- Does the seller of the property matter in the application for citizenship?

Properties sold or subject to a sale promise must be registered in the name of Turkish citizens. Furthermore, they should not be any properties transferred by a foreign real person after 12 January 2017. (Including self, spouse and children of the foreign person who acquires it)

11- How to transfer the selling cost of the property? 

Must be deposited and documented as bank remittance, EFT etc. by the buyer or the buyer’s representative to the bank account of the seller or the seller’s representative.

12- How to obtain a Certificate of Conformity? 

The directorate of land registry, who processes the commitment foreseen in the regulations according to the related Directive and its practical communiques, submits all documents to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster or the related regional directorate. The General Directorate/Regional Directorate inspects the documents of the transaction, issues a Certificate of Conformity, and sends it to the General Directorate of the Immigration Administration and the General Directorate of Census and Citizenship Affairs by official means, and to the related person by e-mail. Foreigners who obtain the certificate of conformity shall initially apply to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration
for a residence permit and then to the Provincial Directorate of Census and Citizenship for citizenship.

13- Can I apply for Turkish citizenship with a preliminary contract for sale?

An application can be made with a promise that the property would be transferred and released in three years through a notarized contract if minimum USD 250,000 or equivalent amount was paid as down payment for any properties with established commonhold or construction servitude on or after 07 December 2018.

14- What should be the attribute of the property?

The attribute of the property does not matter for citizenship through property purchase. (It may be a residence, workplace, land, field, yard etc.)

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The above information was compiled from Presidency of The Republic of Turkey Investment Office.

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